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Model & Date Code: 5901 Bypass Used & Date Code:

ARTICLE # M729-16685

PRODUCT (if applicable)
Viper 5901

BYPASS MODULE (if applicable)

I have an LC3 transmitter and cannot figure out how to set the clock


Press and hold the (f) function button for approximately 10 seconds. Ignore the car notification at 3 seconds and at 10 seconds the transmitter will beep and display "MAIN MENU". Release the (f) function button and the transmitter will display "SETUP MENU". Press and release the (f) function button. The transmitter will now display "KEYPAD LOCK". At this point you can use the "AUX" and "REMOTE START" buttons to scroll through the different menu options. Press the "AUX" button 3 times or until the transmitter displays "CLOCK SET". Press and release the (f) function button and the transmitter will display "HOUR". Press and release the (f) button again and the clock will display and the hour will begin to flash. You can now use the "AUX" and/or the "REMOTE START" buttons to set the hour and am/pm. Once the hour is selected press and release the (f) function button. "HOUR" will be displayed. Use the "AUX" and/or the "REMOTE START" buttons to select "MIN". Press and release the (f) function button and the clock will be displayed with the minutes flashing. You can now use the "AUX" and/or the "REMOTE START" buttons to set the minutes. Once the minutes are selected press and release the (f) function button. "MIN" will be displayed. Use the "AUX" and/or the "REMOTE START" buttons to scroll to "BACK". Press and release the (f) button and "CLOCK SET" will be displayed. Press the "LOCK" or "UNLOCK" button to exit programming and save the selected time. For a video tutorial, go here:

This article requires an advanced understanding of the installed system. Please contact your local Authorized Directed Dealer or Retailer if you require additional assistance.

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